Superintendent Endorsement Reflections

Superindendent Endorsement Reflection #1

As I consider my internship work for the Superintendent Endorsement, I began with a very muddy vision for how to do my daily work (and it often seems there isn’t enough time in the day to do that) and then add “more” for the internship work.

What I see now as I consider the “plan” for accomplishing all of this is that much of the work I do in my current role as Director of Accountability and School Improvement supports the Superintendent’s vision and work for the District; however, as I “do” the work, I see now that the difference is the lens I use to view and inform the work I am doing.

For example, one of the projects I am working on is the development of a Social Media policy for the District. Dr. Morris has asked me to take the lead with this sub-committee. While my area of interest and expertise is in the area of Instructional Technology, I am not deeply knowledgeable and experienced with Policy. As I consider the work we are doing, particularly in leading the work, I am looking at social media more through the lens of Policy than that of Instructional Technology. This requires a different way of thinking and approaching the work. It becomes less about “access” and instruction/student learning and more about appropriate, professional and acceptable use. Ensuring alignment with law (particularly CIPA/Child Internet Protection Act, other policy, i.e, harassment and bullying and professionalism) takes this work to that next level.

So now as I continue to work the Superintendent Internship, I will be considering more about using the appropriate “lenses” for the work I do, and the alignment of systems rather than just “finishing the project”.

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